The Canadian Couch Potato

The CCP Dan Bortolotti is a fellow Canadian promotes the passive investing style (couch potato) the plan is a widespread movement of investors to move away from traditional investing into index investing / ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) offered by some big names such as vanguard and blackrock. The Canadian Couch Potato has a great site that offers great “free” advice to your everyday investor. He offers three model portfolios with either Tangerine, TD or an ETF version.

I myself am strongly considering taking the hands off approach as even Warren Buffet is stating that over the long run you cannot beat the indexes. And with the low management costs now it may be the correct way to go!

I would take the lowest MER (Management Expense Ratio) choice and utilize ETF’s (ZAG,VCN,XAW) Through just these 3 ETF’s you get broad market diversification as well as exposure to the bond market to help you sleep at night!

If you are interested in this approach there is a growing interest on the Reddit site (just search CCP) or go to the Canadian Couch Potato website ( yourself and take a look at some of his posts. He also has a Podcast which I listen to and it offers some great information about the Couch Potato Approach.

All in all I love what he is promoting and offering, this is likely better more valuable information then you are likely getting from your financial advisers with regards to investments and I believe his approach would be beneficial in the long run.

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