I Moved To British Columbia!

As this is a new blog, I would like to give a little rundown of what is currently all new to me and my reasoning for making such a drastic change in lifestyle!

First off I moved from Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada to British Columbia. This trip took me 6500km and 6 straight days of driving. It was an awesome experience to travel across the country and it was great to see so much of this great country!

I quit my job as an engineer working on a mega project in the North to move completely across the country and take a major pay cut. It was quite a decision to make, but in the end I feel I made a great decision. My new job favors quality of life which myself and my girlfriend Katie were very interested in. Its not work working for (all that project money) if you don’t get any time to enjoy yourself and spend time with those you care about!

Throughout the last 5 years of my life I have worked at remote work sites around Canada which has put me in a great spot financially, but there were many sacrifices made to get there. Now I feel is the time to enjoy my life therefore I took a job in BC which hopes of having a much better work life balance.

I have currently been In BC for one month now and I am loving the quality of life, being home each night and the beauty of the mountainous landscapes. Time will tell how the move really ends but for now I am loving life.

The big con to the move was the decrease in pay… which I am still managing, however, after tax the difference is much less then first imagined. Also the new company offers a pension plan which will greatly help me in retirement which I appreciate. But I will continue to live within my means and pay myself first in hopes oneday in the not to distant future I can be financially Independent.

If any readers have an questions about the move or BC in general please leave me a message, I would be happy to talk to this after just going through it!

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