Cash Flow April

In the month of April I had a rough month! Partially due to the fact that one of my best friends got married. The wedding was a great time as we all traveled to Costa Rica had a great trip but there were quite a few associated costs. Also in the month of April I traded my truck on a more fuel efficient SUV and purchased insurance in a different province for the year. So all in all it was an expensive month.

So now that I am settled away in BC from here forward my cost/income should have a bit of a better balance but this month as mentioned was an expensive one!


my total expenses equaled = $6,828.62 very similar to my previous months expenses. My total income equaled = $8,089.34 so my savings amounted to 1260.72 plus my pre-authorized pension contribution totaling 1716.72. Again I am happy with this savings rate around 21%. I would like to have my savings rate closer to 40-50% but I will take it as I made some purchases this month instead of making monthly payments. Also I have rented my home now as well which will add to my income next month.

Also I had $180 Dividend income this month which continues to grow at a steady rate. As it does and as I attempt… to be slightly more frugal I will bring you all along.

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