Cash Flow May

Cash Flow May

In the month of May my life got back on track and this is reflected in my expenses. Also i achieved what I have been trying to with a savings rate of 40% of my total income. A longterm goal is to save 50% of this but I will definitely take 40.


my total expenses equaled = $5,255.14 slightly less than my previous months expenses. My total income equaled = $7,801.00 so my savings amounted to $2,545.86 plus my pre-authorized pension contribution totaling $3121.86. I am happy with this savings rate around 40%. I would like to have my savings rate closer to 50% but I will

Also I had $145 Dividend income this month which continues to grow at a steady rate. One day I hope to live on dividends and investments so I will like this to continue to grow aggressively from this point forward.

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