Cash Flow June

Cash Flow June

June was a pretty good month all things considered. I managed to save another $2,655.36 and I have continued to deploy capital into my investments. My savings rate seems to be near 40% again this month which I am more than happy with. Also this month my investment property is rented for the next six months on a lease therefore alot of housing risks have been removed in the near term. While this does not add to my income stream much it greatly contributes to my net worth.

my total expenses equaled = $4,690.23 significantly less than my previous months expenses. My total income equaled = $6,889.59 so my savings amounted to $2,199.36 plus my pre-authorized pension contribution totaling $2,655.36. I am happy with this savings rate around 38%. Still striving for the 50% mark but I still need to get some expenses down.

Also I had $335 Dividend income this month which continues to grow at a steady rate. One day I hope to live on dividends and investments and this is a much better month than the last but a long way to go before I can cover expenses with this cash. Everything seems to be firing on all cylinders now and I an excited about seeing the progress at the end of the year!

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